Professional Services
+ Central Payment

Cut the clutter, get organized, and send recurring invoices with the convenience of a CPAY solution.

Doctors. Lawyers. Architects. IT. Escrow. Plumbers. Home Repair. Interior Design.

These photos are of actual Central Payment clients in the professional services industry.

VX 520

The Proven Machine for all Professionals

Seeking out for a service professional is hard already. Keep it simple and leave the payment process to a proven specialist, like the Verifone VX 520.

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Pro Features for Pro Merchants

Clear the clutter and keep it in the cloud with PayHub. With a bevy of features like recurring invoicing, virtual terminal, and paperless receipts, it’s like having your own personal assistant, secretary, bookkeeper, and cashier in one place.

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Professional Reach. Professional Marketing.

SpotOn’s your suite of tools to bring your business marketing into overdrive. Keep in contact with your customers, and keep track of your business reviews.

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CPAY Mobile

“Sign on the dotted line.” Accept e-signatures and send receipts for your services with the CPAY Mobile swiper. Whether you’re constructing a business plan or your construction business is to plan, add the mobile swiper to your tool belt and accept payments from your desk to the deck.

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Smartphone not included.

VX 680

Pros that work on the road, like plumbers and home repair technicians, need to be able to accept payments wherever they are. If you need a rugged, portable solution, the VX 680 is for you.

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PayHub Mobile

PayHub’s mobile option is a virtual terminal in your pocket. And accompanied with its end-to-end encrypted swiper, it’s an easy and complete mobile solution.

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Smartphone not included.

Smartphone not included.

Smartphone not included.