CPAY Point of Sale

Do more.

Built exclusively to handle the restaurant and food service industry, CPAY Point of Sale’s software is specially tailored for tasks common to restaurants. Run your business smoother and do more with CPAY Point of Sale.

Spend Less Time Training

CPAY Point of Sale’s software is intuitive and easy to learn. Your restaurant staff will take less time at the screen and have more time with your guests, turning every table over quickly and efficiently.

The Quick Pay screen is a life-saver for happy hour and dinner rushes. It’s a shortcut for popular items, and minimizes unnecessary screens, so you can ring up your customers faster.

CPAY Point of Sale is built to get orders in fast and completed easily. Use Employee Cards to quickly log in. Print front room orders to kitchen printers to reduce miscommunication. Use a USB barcode scanner to add and quickly select menu items. Select the floor plan screen to track open tickets at every table. And for those that sell by weight, like yogurt shops, you can attach a weight scale to get quickly ring up that weight-based order.

Manage and Control

With CPAY Point of Sale, you’re in the driver seat. All the tools to help your business succeed is at your fingertips: add or remove menu items, adjust pricing and tax amounts, create table layouts, design a Quick Pay screen, develop happy hour specials, schedule staff shifts and adjust time cards.

And with CPAY Point of Sale Home Office, you can access your reports from home.

What’s Included?

ELO 15-inch Bezel-Free Touch Screen Monitor
with ELO Magnetic Card Reader
Lenovo Enterprise-Level M73 Workstation
Bixolon Thermal Receipt Printer
Cash Drawer with Cash Till
CPAY POS Restaurant Software
24/7 Technical Support
APC Electrical Power Conditioner
TP-Link Firewall/Switch
Symantec Endpoint Protection
Software Configuration and Training

Add-On Accessories

Additional Cash Drawer
Additional Cash Till
Network 2-Color Kitchen Printer
Employee ID Cards (Pack of 15)
Weight Scale
USB Barcode Scanner
Network Powerline Adapters (Set of 2)
CPAY Point of Sale Home Office (Service)

Numbers in screenshots come from sample data and does not represent business expectations. Results vary from business to business.

CPAY Point of Sale is under constant development and improvement. Screenshots may show different information than what is currently available.