+ Central Payment

Accelerate your business, accept more payments easier, and be free from wires with CPAY.

Taxis. Rideshare. Limo Service. Car and Truck Rentals. Boat Rentals. Bike Rentals. Auto Repair.

CPAY Mobile

Even retail shops can benefit a mobile solution. Reduce the wait at the checkout counter and let the customer checkout on the sales floor instead. In the end, it’s a faster sale and the customer is happier too.

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Smartphone not included.

VX 680

Cut the wires and free yourself from the brick and mortar. The VX 680 gives you the power to process transactions anywhere. So go ahead and setup shop at that farmer’s market or that music festival. With 3G connectivity, the power is in your hands.

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Smartphone not included.


Beyond Beautiful

If your lobby is full of guest arrivals and departures, match it with a POS that has a dashboard full of features. With the powerful RiO software, offer your customer discounts, track sales, and take your limo or touring business to the next level with the all-in-one RiO.

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VX 520

Take the Wheel

With the dependable Verifone VX 520 and easy on-screen navigation, glide through the payment process faster and be on your way.

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If you’re already accustomed with Authorize.Net as your API or VT, Central Payment can accommodate you there too!

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Smooth Rides. Solid Loyalty. Skilled Marketing.

Get more rides from your customers and directly target those with rave reviews for your service. Increase your online reputation while getting more real-life reservations with SpotOn.

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